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Post by Tha Syndicates on Tue 12 Feb 2008, 4:32 pm

Professional Artists & Labels 0 You will have instant access to the board where you can view your feedback results at any time, post materials & communicate with the DJs. Please be awared that if you signed up and you have not submitted any music to the pool, you will not be able to view any feedback results until you have submited music. Start Here
Tha Syndicates
Tha Syndicates

Number of posts : 484
Age : 38
Location : Tha Syndicates
DJ Name : Founder
Audience Capacity : 50,000,000,000,000+
What Do You Use To Play Music : Serato, Traktor DJ Scratch
Your Involvement : Mobile DJ, Club DJ, Internet/Commerial/College, Satellite Radio, Record Label
Company/Label Name : Tha Syndicates
Registration date : 2008-02-11

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